Word Given by the Lord

for the City and the Gatekeepers

1. I saw in a vision from the Lord, the streets beautifully paved and corn grown out of the street until it became a great harvest. Hear O church, the word of the Lord for the city and for the gatekeepers.

For the present situation and the future darkness will not hinder my redemptive purposes said the Lord.

As you take your position of purity and love, your dominion shall emerge and be seen of all men.

        2. I the Lord will cause your hearts to burn for soul winning and then shall come a grater harvest of souls. There will be a two fold harvest in the region. The first will be the harvest of souls and the other will be economic. The economic will cause the media to focus on Iowa. Japan will become visible within your coast. Without a logical point of reference, construction business shall come alive again. Many of the household of faith will be involved in businesses that will be tied to the new Mississippi River. 

3. The agricultural sector will be shaken to her knees. After which will come a miraculous growth throughout your land. Seeds and super seeds will produce beyond expectation.

4. Suddenly, many outreach ministries, churches and schools will move their bases into your boarders; because of the cities of refuge that will emerge to serve the people, you will be thrust into a portion of recognition.